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New Sales Location !


Hello A.G.N.ers,

Dot and Twine is no longer open but there is a store right next door selling AfterGlow Natural products!

Sherwood Co.142 Laurel St. In beautiful Fort Bragg CA.

has picked up the slack. Thank you so much :0) Really nice store with interesting items and gifts. Support our local merchants they are doing a wonderful job.

Call first to see when, (if) they are open.

Thank you, Joanne

During this time of pandemic you can still order online .

Stay well, be safe!





2 thoughts on “New Sales Location !

  1. Hey, ever going to be back at the Ukiah Farmers Mkt. after all this disease brou ha ha has died down?

    In any case, miss not having seen you for a VERY long time:)

    Al Krauss here

  2. Hi Al,
    Hard question to answer. I have been doing more websales and wholesale, but do really miss being at the markets. Best I can do is, perhaps. Thanks for asking, take care.
    🙂 Joanne

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